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Winter Foiling at Lagoon

Created by GoonDog 9 months ago, 24 Jun 2018
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24 Jun 2018 1:24PM
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Great enthusiasm and skills from the lads on their second outing.
Cold and 20kts

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5 Aug 2018 8:35AM
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Just putting it out there.
A southern local who is leaving the state has a complete Naish setup, hover board- thrust foil ( as in this post ) to sell.
used for one hour only- cheap

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5 Aug 2018 8:11PM
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Nice work boys! My second effort didn't look that classy! Good fun though, the Northerly at 18-16 knots was just about right today for dipping the toe (and everything else) in the water.


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"Winter Foiling at Lagoon" started by GoonDog