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cape country classic results

Created by anthony perkins > 9 months ago, 14 Mar 2017
anthony perkins
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14 Mar 2017 6:53PM
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All the results are in. Congratulations to cookie for winning the Cape Country Classic Trophy at Stanley on the weekend. In wind around 15 knots, with it dropping down in the middle of a three hour session. Then the wind picked back up again at the end, making it tricky for all. It was great fun going head to head on the same water.

cape country ocean classic 2017
GPS 5 2 sec 5x10 1H alpha NM total place
BenWilson 23.044(D) 22.228(D) 9.623(D) 18.577(D) 17.931(D) 91.403 5

cookie 30.53(D) 25.183(D) 16.347(D) 17.366(D) 22.086(D) 111.512 1

Johno 27.039(D) 25.049(D) 14.195(D) 17.818(D) 20.286(D) 104.387 3

Anthony Perkins 26.893(D) 25.111(D) 14.665(D) 19.12(D) 21.823(D) 107.612 2

Mort67 25.27 23.517 8.474 18.27 6

Paul Tenteye 27.467(D) 24.023(D) 15.384(D) 16.754(D) 19.635(D) 103.263 4

Steve Charles
TAS, 1035 posts
14 Mar 2017 8:04PM
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Well done Cookie and fellow Stanley crew....

TAS, 160 posts
14 Mar 2017 9:29PM
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Thanks for organising Perks, hopefully a bit more wind next year and a few more sailors

TAS, 466 posts
15 Mar 2017 5:39AM
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Well done Cookie...Stanley Master

TAS, 65 posts
15 Mar 2017 10:04AM
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You're on a roll Cookie .... State GPS5 champ, Cape Country Classic (in light winds too!) .
Next stop Green Island!

Al Planet
TAS, 1345 posts
15 Mar 2017 1:44PM
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Nice work. Here is a bonus photo of the lads heading out to have a second shot at the hour.


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