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Ballarat Trip

Created by PaulWWW 29 days ago, 20 Apr 2019
NSW, 15 posts
20 Apr 2019 7:32AM
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Heading to Ballarat next weekend. How's the water levels? Friday forecast looks good atm - how is Lake Wendouree in a SWer? Better at Learmonth?

VIC, 289 posts
9 May 2019 8:45PM
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Let us know as I'm heading there mid winter lol

VIC, 1425 posts
10 May 2019 11:09AM
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Had lunch overlooking Lake Wendourie, in fact, on top of at the Boathouse, on Wednesday. Water levels looked high.

Was pretty windy too, so I had to focus inside, rather than gazing outside all the time.

Ignore my daughters and the boyfriend. Look out the window, ya bastards.


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"Ballarat Trip" started by PaulWWW