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Howling Northerly - What Options

Created by JonE > 9 months ago, 1 Oct 2016
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1 Oct 2016 8:17PM
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Other than Green Point or Rye (or god-forbid Point Ormond.....)

Does anyone sail Safety Beach or Mt Martha? Do people sail Bonbeach on a Northerly?



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2 Oct 2016 6:29AM
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Yeah, bonbeach can be great on a northerly! Plenty of guys sails there.

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2 Oct 2016 7:06AM
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25 knots already woooo!

Yep bono is good on a northerly, I dare say there will be a large crew today!

VIC, 25 posts
2 Oct 2016 7:26AM
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It's a bit too onshore at Mt Martha and Safety Beach ,but having said that Safety Beach sometimes works when the wind (northerly) is too light everywhere else.
It seems to me the wind is up high, hits the Mt Martha hill and runs down onto the water, forming a pocket of wind at the marina end. It's better on a board which you can uphaul
because if you go too far out you lose the wind and don't get it back. It's a bit gusty but the water state is real good for the bay.

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2 Oct 2016 5:03PM
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Seaford was good today (Keast Park). Full power 3.4m
Get some nice cross shore bay waves when this strong.


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