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Jam Jerrup, new old spot - 20/08

Created by Dodosurf > 9 months ago, 20 Aug 2016
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20 Aug 2016 11:23PM
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Hi Guys,

Few weeks ago myself and few friends headed back home from Inverloch to Melbourne, and stopped to check what seems to be a good spot for any wind direction other then east.
We arrived in low tide and saw a nice safe mud bottom, ideal for flater waters then the Bay we normally sail.

Reading online gave a bit of information from Kite surfers that been there.

We headed this morning loaded with our Slalom gear and 9 of our favorite sails, but even with our smallest set of AC1 6.3 and RRD 98 Xfire it was a bit too much, so Simon and myself ended up sailing on a 5.5 and 5.2 and FSW which was still big at times(for our skill)

Anyway, the spot will work really well on winds under 20knots, and if its above 20 - you still get better chop then port philip which is really nice when you learn to jibe a small board.

Hope to visit there soon with slalom and less wind!


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20 Sep 2016 3:56PM
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Will have to check it out, but at only 60km further to get to Inverloch, this better be reaallllyyy good!


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