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Lake Wendouree / Ballarat

Created by CTS67 > 9 months ago, 23 Oct 2016
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23 Oct 2016 1:45PM
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Hi Just wondering if anyone still windsurfs in Lake Wendouree?

What would be the nearest suitable spot for a beginner from Ballarat?

Also, there seems to be some issue opening the windsurf victoria website. Is that a problem on my end or theirs?


VIC, 1725 posts
26 Oct 2016 8:18AM
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WV website seems to open ok for me, using Google Chrome.

Not sure about lakes in general - been a long time since I sailed on any in Vic.

VIC, 136 posts
5 Nov 2016 9:02AM
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Found this on the lakes - not sure where current water levels are - I imagine high after the wet spring.

NSW, 18 posts
28 Nov 2016 11:26AM
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Hi CTS67, I would be interested to know what you find out about sailing around Ballarat. I am currently in Sydney about 20 minutes away from Botany Bay but will be heading south to Ballarat in 12 months or so and am interested to know if there are any options. I have found some stuff on line about Lake Burrumbeet as well, access near the Russell Reserve Caravan park, Canico Drive ( google street view is from 2008 when it looks pretty empty, once again, should be OK now I guess).
Feel free to pm me if you find anything out


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