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NE/E/SE wind - where other than Ricketts?

Created by downunderdom > 9 months ago, 8 Feb 2017
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8 Feb 2017 7:49AM
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For those sufficiently well-versed, where else on the east side of the Bay works in easterly winds? I noticed along Beach Rd yesterday that a few people were launching from around Parkdale or Mentone - do these work?

I've never much warmed to Ricketts. which I think of in skiing terms. Most other places in the bay are like European, Japanese or US/Canadian slopes - endless space to do your own thing. Ricketts is like Australian slopes - loads of people all funneling into confined spaces (in this case to avoid the b@stard reefs).

Oh, and there is also the sheer banditry of the parking - $14 for two hours!!!

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8 Feb 2017 8:27AM
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Mentone wasn't bad last night, 4.7m until my arms fell off around 8pm, a few sets of 2-4 inches coming in from the bay ;)


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"NE/E/SE wind - where other than Ricketts?" started by downunderdom