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Parks Vic making changes in Port Fairy district

Created by Old Salty > 9 months ago, 2 Mar 2018
Old Salty
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2 Mar 2018 10:02AM
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Parks Vic are setting up to make changes to where windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing can happen in the Port Fairy coastal areas specifically Belfast Lough and Rutledges Cutting. These are flat water spots for teaching or offshore winds near Port fairy.

This is a paste of a communication from Max Wines
Page 54 has a table showing windsurfing and Kitesurfing and surfing!! are prohibited activities whilst boating, jet skis, yachting, canoes are permitted.
Action needed: We need many submissions (40 +) from Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, Surfers, their Partners and any concerned party (Parks Vic. takes serious notice of numbers of objections).
To help in this: I have prepared sample submissions that outline our obvious objections. You can make up your own submission or use mine as a guide. However all submissions should not be identical. For Parks Vic. to ascertain authenticity Name address and email are needed but you can remain confidential.
Plan of attack: can everyone send me their email addresses via messenger (kept confidential). I will email you sample submissions and the two method of uploading these to the Parks Vic site. If you email your submission to me, I will upload it for you.
Timeline: must be uploaded by 16th March 2018.
I have spoken to Jason Hoy, Tom White, Peter Hicks and James Rickter and this has their support.Regards Max

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7 Mar 2018 7:21AM
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What a bizarre policy... so its ok to go for a swim or a kayak in an area where power-boats can run over you... which bright spark came up with that ?!

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7 Mar 2018 4:47PM
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I learned to windsurf in Belfast Lough, great controlled learning location with high winds. I can't picture it getting crowded enough to consider that it would be unacceptably destructive to that environment (never had another windsurfer out at the same time I was there). Surely the main issue would be hard hoofed livestock finding their way in there.

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8 Mar 2018 8:52PM
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Hi all, Help needed !!!
There is no logic to this draft plan from Parks Vic.
Vicuna ; the Lough is still a great spot for learning or as a spot during howling offshores. There are no other user groups and it never gets crowded. We have zero effect on the environment and we are the only group that collects rubbish that flows into the Lough from the river. Parks Vic sure don't do that.
However we do need help in the form of submissions to Parks Vic. Victuna you are a perfect person to help as you (and many others ) have used the Lough or Rutledges Cutting.
As stated above, I have sample submissions that you can alter to your own circumstances and then upload to Parks Vic website. Not too much effort on your part but a great help to us.
Just send your email via Seabreeze to me (Max Wines) and i will reply with some simple instructions.

Thanks all

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8 Mar 2018 8:53PM
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mathew said..
What a bizarre policy... so its ok to go for a swim or a kayak in an area where power-boats can run over you... which bright spark came up with that ?!

We are also struggling with that logic !!!

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9 Mar 2018 11:07PM
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Who do we PM email to?


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