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SHQ Wavesailing clinic photos

Created by Al McLeod > 9 months ago, 25 Aug 2012
Al McLeod
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25 Aug 2012 10:15PM
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Some photos from yesterday and today.
A couple of us had a free sail yesterday, pretty big swell for down here and gusty cross off winds.

Today was great for the clinic, sunshine most of the day, 20-25 knots picking up a bit more in the afternoon and a decent swell. Everyone got out and had a crack which was great to see.

Jono has been cooking up a storm every night after a long day on the water to top it off.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a bit more of a jumping day.

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30 Aug 2012 7:29PM
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Was a great weekend - hopefully see you all down there again 3rd - 6th November for the SHQ Melbourne Cup.

Check out this link for a write up on the Wave Clinic:


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