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Thanks Polakow and SHQ

Created by 40knots > 9 months ago, 12 Feb 2017
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12 Feb 2017 3:34PM
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I would like to thank Jason and the crew at SHQ for organising the event last weekend at Royal Brighton Yacht Club.
They brought a heap of sups to the beach for us all to use. I do enjoy a sup, but was great conditions for a windsurf so rigged 2 young guns. One with a 3m2 the other with a 2m2, perfect for my kids. First Jason signed both boards before they got wet. Great now dad is happy. The kids just wanted to get on the water and do their thing. They went out and in many times then it was time for others on the beach to have a go. It was great, many kids from 8 to say 11 used them. Dads were happy and Jason was happy giving advise to the next generation. I think one of the families will be off to Maui. Jason thinks that young gun should try the local trade winds of Hawaii.

thanks! See you groms on the water (sailing)

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14 Feb 2017 11:48PM
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It's definitely great to see so many kids getting into windsurfing at the moment - Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support


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