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Unique UJ found at Green Point today.

Created by WindmanV > 9 months ago, 9 Oct 2016
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9 Oct 2016 6:50PM
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Handed in to SHQ. If you can identify its make and whether its tendon, rubber or mechanical, I’m sure the folks at SHQ will return it to you

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9 Oct 2016 7:13PM
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So did anyone get a good sail?

Went down a 4-4:30 pm (thought I'd catch the wind dropping) and it was still 35-40knots...way to big for my 4.2m

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9 Oct 2016 8:31PM
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Went out at Seaford at 1:30 thinking it'd be less windy than GP...

Went for maybe 6 short runs in and out, then spent the rest of the time being scored by the same whipping down the beach. Thought it might drop a bit after FB went to 35 knots but it was simply insane.

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10 Oct 2016 6:50PM
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Ok I made a mistake. I am 95 kg and put up a 3.4M on an 85 litre. Two great runs under control fun. then a swim say 200m no wind or wind only 30 knots not 42knots Then a gust I ended up what felt like halfway to Sandringham.

sail to small and a very unfit sailer means danger, always better to sail overpowered

i will store the sail for another 10 years before it comes out again I assume.

See you melbourne cup cup weekend at sandy point. I am taking the kids with a heap of kid gear, windskate, sups and some gear for me, I assume BBQ at surf club Saturday night.

have fun on the water. I won't be taking the 3.4


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"Unique UJ found at Green Point today." started by WindmanV