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Best swell of the summer!

Created by Paul A week ago, 9 Jan 2020
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9 Jan 2020 10:34PM
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Not a bad size for January! shame the wind went phsyco. While I struggled to hang on to a 4.4 and got smashed and couldn't even turn without the sail being ripped from my hands, thought it best to take a few shots of those that could sail.

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10 Jan 2020 10:00AM
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what spot is that?

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10 Jan 2020 4:49PM
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a few km's north of perth ;) only breaks like this once a year.

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Saturday , 11 Jan 2020 5:27PM
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Zed said..
what spot is that?


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Saturday , 11 Jan 2020 8:17PM
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Wow Paul that looks way better than Metts. You scored.

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Wednesday , 15 Jan 2020 9:25PM
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I'm heading over in 2 weeks, just trying to figure out what to bring ?? riding a 103 freestyle wave was thinking 4.2, 4.7 ,5.4 should i bring anything bigger ?? going to hangout in Perth, Lancelin, and gelation and maybe margerets and advice would be great.


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"Best swell of the summer!" started by Paul