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Created by mc2 5 months ago, 26 Aug 2018
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26 Aug 2018 12:14PM
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Phil, Adrian, Jess and Zack off to Pacasmayo

Good luck

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27 Aug 2018 4:36AM
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Good luck Jess and the guys at the IWT Pacasmayo Classic.

Conditions the last 4 weeks have been awesome, wind everyday bar 2, waves everyday from shoulder high to mast high. Longest left hander in the world. Rides over 800m sup and wavesailing

It's a wavesailing, surfing and supping paradise.

The 'El Faro Resort' has been fantastic with great deals for the longer stay, they have a selection of new Flikka boards to rent as well as a bunch of SUP s for the lighter days or early surf.

Got to thank Forrest Ladkin for the last few years of vids, photos and great stories of this place.

Check out Jasons blog/post last year for great info on getting here.


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