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video - Perth Metro Northern Beaches 2nd March

Created by caipi > 9 months ago, 5 Mar 2018
WA, 40 posts
5 Mar 2018 3:11PM
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just put together a small video from Friday 2nd March. We had a very strong seabreeze in Perth, with some small fun size waves around the Northern Beaches. So it was all about the most fun, rather than the biggest jumps
Make sure you put the volume up, when you watch the video, so your neighbours can enjoy the soundtrack too.

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7 Mar 2018 10:38AM
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I can tell by the sandbags that's Watermans beach. I didn't know they got any waves there. Good to know.

WA, 2 posts
13 Mar 2018 9:58PM
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What sail size was being used by the 165 lb (65 kg) riders? 4.2 - 4.7 ?

I plan to be at Geraldton in January 2019 and wish to be informed regarding sail sizes which I should rent?

SA, 3442 posts
14 Mar 2018 8:38AM
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at 65kgs in Gero you'll be in the 3.7 or smaller range if this season was anything to go by.

WA, 41 posts
18 Mar 2018 9:36PM
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Grew up there in the 60s- 70s , sailed Grabbers once in about 78 never went back, maybe it's time for another look!.

VIC, 1725 posts
22 Mar 2018 10:04AM
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Stuthepirate said..
at 65kgs in Gero you'll be in the 3.7 or smaller range if this season was anything to go by.

It should be noted... the 3.7 is needed for the late-arvo wind strength, when the wind is at its strongest. You could just get on the water earlier in the day.

I am under 70kg (at the moment) and predominantly used a 4.2m for most of the season - the 3.7 was used about 10 times... on those days, I did use the 4.2 until the wind strength increased.


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