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Cervantes Windsurf Challenge 2017 Event Summary

Created by izymiester > 9 months ago, 9 Jan 2017
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9 Jan 2017 9:07PM
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Cervantes Windsurf Challenge Event Summary

January 7-8th, 2017

Firstly the event was a huge success because the competitors come from Geraldton to Margaret River and the course was super enjoyable with excellent winds and good feedback. The winds here are very reliable and is a perfect place to plan an event. The 7km course that has a little bit of everything with fast lines between the seas. The gybe marks were located within the reefs on port tack sitting off the end of Thirsty point, and the starboard tack marks were sitting within the shallow protected weed banks that make for easy turning for every level and tired arms.

Thanks to Jutta and Tom for the following 6 photos. I will add more as i get them or posted by anyone who attended

Course Photo

Day 1, Saturday 7th January:

Started the first race at 1130 and finished the fourth race by 1510 (including 1hr 15 min lunch break/equipment change) due to the early breezes common here. It was over 30knots by 1430 in the afternoon, and combined with unusually high swell and a high tide the water state was not a good match for the wind strength. I was very impressed by the joy and commitment to finish the fourth race in challenging conditions. Avan Griffith won all races and Dan Engdahl managed to grab three 2nds. There was a strong competition between the fleet having their own race within races and made for good times. Starts were boat start with myself and Steve Schneider coordinating the racing, flags and photos and Kingsley from Jurien Bay Sea Rescue waiting on standby for any rescues. In the evening we all gathered at the Cervantes Country Club for amazing food, drinks, vibes and fun!

Day 2, Sunday 8th January:

First race started at 1030 from Hanson Bay well powered on 7m sails!!! Should I say no more… Just WOW!

Today we were a little sore and tired, but keen for more so we planned for 3 more races and see how we were feeling and what the wind gods were serving up. As suspected we were pretty well done after 3 more 7km downwind races and the wind was starting to hit 30 knots already. The water state was much nicer with tide still relatively low and swell much smaller. Again Avan managed to win the 3 races and take out a clean sweep of the event. He was very consistent and quick with good skills from the high wind windsurf mecca of Gero. Is there now going to be a GERO Vs METRO competition and bragging rights for next year? I think maybe since a few good sailors made their way down for the event which was awesome to see.

This is the Perfect LOC training with a total of 49km of downwind racing in wavy seas and chop for fitness, tuning in your board skills and rougher ocean sailing techniques. Plus we all know that the weekend before LOC is always windy. This event is created by windsurfers for windsurfers and will be a focus in future planning to create maximum enjoyment next year. Already we have been offered accommodation discounts and there is strong support from the town to back this event with heaps of enthusiasm Stay tuned for this event in early 2018.

Results (2 discards):

Special thanks to:

All competitors for coming

Jo and Mike for picking up toilet from Jurien Concrete Services

Jurien Concrete Services for free hire of toilet

Julie Radis, Natalie, Mike and Ian for coordinating finish line and taking results

Dan Engdahl for taking the WWA trailer to and from the event. Supplying toilet paper

Steve Schneider and his son Matt for helping with start boat and taking lots cool photos

Kingsley from Jurien Bay Sea Rescue for supplying the Zodiac and his own boat for the start. Setting course and just genuinely being very helpful and a top bloke

Jurien Bay Sea Rescue

Shire of Dandaragan

Tim Brazier for guiding me through event process

Betty Van for coming down and serving up some quality coffee


Isaac de Vries - AUS 624

P.S. Please come forward for sponsoring the event in 2018. PM me or contact WWA

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9 Jan 2017 9:45PM
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Oh man I so should have come to this!!

Great work Izymeister and friends...

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10 Jan 2017 6:45AM
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It was a great weekend
Thanks Isaac

Cheryl AUS841
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10 Jan 2017 6:55AM
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Cheryl AUS841
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10 Jan 2017 7:05AM
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Cheryl AUS841
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10 Jan 2017 7:09AM
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10 Jan 2017 7:41AM
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Thanks Cheryl
All of the above pics are by Matt Schneider ( my young bloke)
And edit by Cheryl

Aus501 Boz
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10 Jan 2017 8:49AM
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Thanks to Isaac and all the people involved in putting this together, awesome photos, truly a race organised by windsurfers with fun being the top priority

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10 Jan 2017 9:45AM
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Good to have an event summary posted on this forum.
Results etc are often hard to find via WWA.
Thanks, Isaac

Reflex Films
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10 Jan 2017 10:55AM
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What a great event format - thanks for posting the results and event summary.

Isaac - Looks like you were flying in the rounds that you did sail in - with two thirds and a second.

You have had some great form on the water lately.

Congrats on your effort of getting the event up and running as well as being one of our best
Windsurfing talents on the water for strength, speed, endurance and general form.

Without putting any pressure on I am looking forward to seeing another break out performance (barring any disasters) from you at the Ledge to lancelin this weekend.

Cheryl AUS841
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14 Jan 2017 6:05AM
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I have made some CD's of the complete collection of pictures from the event, for competitors. See me down the beach at Melville for a copy or PM me for postal details. Cheryl


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