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Fanatic boards

Created by Kupo > 9 months ago, 27 Oct 2017
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27 Oct 2017 2:59PM
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Who is selling fanatic windsurfing boards in WA?

WA, 1577 posts
27 Oct 2017 5:27PM
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There's a couple in the for sale in WA otherwise Simon at BC Qld is great at doing a deal. Few mates here have fanatics from him. Best to ring around to find the right board & price.

TAS, 2454 posts
27 Oct 2017 10:02PM
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For North and Fanatic ..try
Jay Sails
wind surf and snow
the zu
board crazy
surf fx
dexter s
sorry if i have missed anyone ..
these are not in Wa but i'm sure happy to organize for you

WA, 42 posts
29 Oct 2017 10:00AM
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Should test some Stone Surf Design and Severne boards first - boards that are built for the conditions you sail in, and youll be supporting local shapers!

WA, 55 posts
30 Oct 2017 12:57PM
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Yep I'd go with Justin & hit up Stoney..local product & cheaper then imports (also would have some second handers lying around)

WA, 2477 posts
30 Oct 2017 2:24PM
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Also if you want local don't rule out Windtech waveboards which are competitively priced, innovative and locally designed.
Buying these would also support a local shaper and his WA based organisation.

Mark _australia
WA, 19099 posts
30 Oct 2017 6:32PM
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totally agree - but perhaps he wants a specific model like their freestyle board.
Buy that and support your local repairer

But in all seriousness, custom does not cater to all.


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