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Grinder Luck bay

Created by StakaFlaka > 9 months ago, 5 Feb 2018
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5 Feb 2018 4:33PM
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hi all. Lent my angle grinder to someone at luck bay yesterday. I totally forgot and packed up and left with out it. If that someone could contact me that would be great. Cheers Neil 0419952972

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17 Feb 2018 3:12PM
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Saw this in the buy and sell:
Melivile waters, I borowed a cordless grinder from someone when i came back to return it the person had left, either forgotten or left in a hurry. I left a message for them on the billlboard. #

If this is ou please call me on 0405 441 295


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"Grinder Luck bay" started by StakaFlaka