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Lancelin Ocean Classic Marathon Entries now open.

Created by DanKA18 31 days ago, 9 Nov 2019
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9 Nov 2019 7:27PM
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Ledge Pt to Lancelin Marathon entries now open for the 35th year.
No windsurfing waves again
If it is windy I'll be out at South Passage on Friday anyway.....
See you there.

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14 Nov 2019 3:26PM
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Does anybody know why the wave comp was dropped , I know last year was a balls up but know its dropped ???

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20 Nov 2019 8:58PM
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Hi Clarkee,
Here's my thoughts on the matter.....
Early/prior entry numbers were depressingly low - the forecast wasn't great and potential competitors played the usual "waiting for a good forecast" game before entering - event organisers didn't want to play that game (unsurprisingly) - the entry cut-off date came and went - event got cancelled.
This was very sad given the very long history of the wave event at the LOC. Sad for windsurfing in WA generally for that matter....
WWA committee may have more of an insight into LOC's motivations, but it seems a pretty clear case of self-inflicted injury in my opinion.
Sorry if that hurts but I think there's some truth in it. There was also a fair amount of angry, even vitriolic, criticism aimed at the organisers when the cancellation was announced, which probably hasn't helped much either.
Finally, John Koch, who has been instrumental in the organising and running of the event for a very long time now was also away last year and his shoes were, no-doubt, very hard to fill.
It would be fantastic if the wave sailing crew could get coordinated and motivated to put together an event plan/package/offer for 2021 that the Lancelin Chamber of Commerce cannot refuse.
Harnessing the very real passion for wave sailing that is out there is critical in order to get the LOC Wave event back up-and-running next year, before kiting takes over the whole event. What little wave sailing ability I ever had is pretty much gone now and I probably won't progress through my first heat despite giving it a red-hot-go, BUT, you can count on my entry should the wave event be revived.

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21 Nov 2019 12:01AM
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Could not WWA just encourage its members to have an expression session with no rules other than attend as you say if it is windy .... be out at South Passage on Friday anyway for the Expression Session. I am sure someone may film it if feasible. Its a start but a way to demonstrate the interest if it exists so there is a case for next year.

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Monday , 9 Dec 2019 6:39PM
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Monday , 9 Dec 2019 7:45PM
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There is a press release on facebook page confirming cancellation.

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Monday , 9 Dec 2019 8:28PM
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Who is keen for an informal drag race? Start at Ledge, no marks, in through South Passage and finish at the pub, then have a beer.

That's better than nothing eh?

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Monday , 9 Dec 2019 8:45PM
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Sounds good am in


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"Lancelin Ocean Classic Marathon Entries now open." started by DanKA18