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Lobster Shack Cervantes Windsurf Challenge 2019 Results

Created by izymiester 3 months ago, 7 Jan 2019
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7 Jan 2019 6:27PM
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What another epic year at the Lobster Shack Cervantes Windsurf Challenge 2019 Event. We had 77 Competitors in total over the course of the weekend, just amazing! Saturday night at the Lobster Shack Venue was first class with top notch fish and chips, lobsters and sunset views!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming event Video, Magazine Articles and more awesome Photos. Thanks so much to ZEN Events & Photography Services for capturing all the podium shots 2 years in a row

Here are the results GPS and SLALOM :)

Congratulations to Patrik Diethelm for taking the win in front of Bastien Escofet in 2nd place, and Jesper Orth in 3rd

Was refreshing to see so many Juniors among the fleet having load of fun and to raffle off a $2500 RRD board from 2nd Wind

World of windsurf
2nd Wind Sailboards
Cervantes Chamber of Commerce
Ocean Zone
Revolution boardsports
Cockburn Joinery
Visioneer Studios
Aerial Diversion
RRD International
Simmer Style WA
Windsurfing Western Australia
Jurien Concrete and Earthworks
Cervantes Transport Services
Severne Sails
Australia Pinnacles Edge Resort

GPS Overall Female: 1st Kellie Tusler, 2nd Jo Wellings, 3rd Nina Schweikardt

GPS Overall Male: 1st Craig Spottswood, 2nd Daniel Engdahl, 3rd Craig Mclaren

Slalom - Crazy Waves: 1st Brendan Little, 2nd Tim Brazier, 3rd Fabio Canella

Slalom - Junior: 1st Kai Dunn, 2nd Dylan Tusler. 3rd William Mcaullay

Slalom - Women: 1st Karin Jaggi, 2nd Kellie Tusler, 3rd Jo Wellings

Slalom - Grand Masters (55+): 1st Claude Lecoq, 2nd Nick Bozikovic, 3rd John Grulich

Slalom - Masters (45+): 1st Daniel Engdahl, 2nd Pierre Fallourd, 3rd Thomas Frener

Slalom - Open: 1st Patrik Diethelm, 2nd Bastien Escofet, 3rd Jesper Orth

Catapult King: Jon Paul Smith (finish line entertainment)

Bermuda Triangle: Tom Radis (2km out to see with no wind)

Iron Man: Jun Hao Lo (7m all day)

Rookie of the Year: Ken Ito (putting in the grind and getting results)

Happy Sailor : Robin Celey (11 years old and always happy)

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8 Jan 2019 6:22PM
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I had a hoot!!! Thanks to all involved in the organising & running. Thanks to Patrik for his speed wisdom (i have more questions now).

I only did 2 races and chose to watch the 3rd and an awesome display by the front sailors. An equipment fooba kept me from the 4th and lack of wind (no BIG kit) on Sunday I stayed dry too.

Country Club meals were great & Lobster Shank nailed it.

Awesome windy conditions Cervantes, thankyou. See you next yr for sure.

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9 Jan 2019 2:41PM
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Top shots. Great to put some faces to names. Congrats Jo & Kellie.


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