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Lobster Shack Cervantes Windsurf Challenge 4-6th January 2019

Created by izymiester 25 days ago, 20 Oct 2018
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20 Oct 2018 7:09AM
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The iconic event is now back bigger and better this year and we are aiming for 75 or more competitors to take on the challenge and have some fun!!

Thanks to Lobster Shack for jumping on board as "Title Sponsor" as this event grows rapidly each year!

We have 2x professional drone pilots/film/photographers with the best drones out there to capture all the action!

At this stage approx $60 entry for entire event (includes FREE fish and chips and event t-shirt)
For GPS only entry approx $30 (includes FREE event t-shirt)
Recommended to just enter entire event and you will get dinner included Saturday night

Entries will officially be open on the 9th of November on the WWA website.
Registration Closes Wednesday 2nd of January @ 5pm

Lots of event prizes and prize pool for the slalom !! details to come very very early November

Basic outline of event schedule 4-6th January 2019 at Thirsty Point.

4th: Cervantes Open Water GPS Challenge 1-5pm
5th: Slalom @ Thirsty Point (iconic 9km downwind course)
6th: Slalom @ Thirsty Point (Iconic 9km downwind course)
6th: presentation 330pm at the beach

Salad rolls to be delivered to event site. Order with entry.

See below for more details

Friday 4th: Cervantes Open Water GPS Challenge

1pm to 5pm:
GPS 4hr window for best category winners.
Setup with
Zone specified within thirsty point to Cervantes Island and across to South end of Hansen bay. (more details soon)

1hr average speed
Nautical mile
5 x 10 sec top speed
2 sec top speed
Upload by 730pm. Software provided to include race time, zone, category and virtual racing.

Saturday Long Slalom 5th: Thirsty Point
Briefing 1000
First possible start 1045

Saturday 1800 @ Lobster Shack: social night, Acoustic, raffle prizes, drone footage and FREE FISH AND CHIPS for competitors and volunteers

Sunday Long Slalom 6th: Thirsty Point:
930 briefing
1030 first possible start
330pm Presentation at Thirsty Point.


A big thanks to the SPONSORS who have already jumped on board:

Lobster Shack Cervantes (Event Title Sponsor)
Cervantes Chamber of Commerce (Major Financial Support)

Major Sponsors (so far)

OceanZone (boardshorts and clothing apparel)
Revolution Boardsports
Cockburn Joinery (trophies)
Aerovisionz (drone/beach film/photography #1)
Aerial Diversion (drone/beach film/photography #2)
Windsurfing Western Australia (Services and equipment)
Jurien Bay Concrete and Earthworks (dunnies)
Cervantes Transport Services
2nd Wind/RRD

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20 Oct 2018 7:26AM
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See the action from last year

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21 Oct 2018 6:26AM
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Proud to announce that World of Windsurf are jumping on board for media coverage in 2019

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22 Oct 2018 10:36AM
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You the man Izzy

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30 Oct 2018 5:30PM
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One of many prizes to come

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31 Oct 2018 7:05AM
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Daniel Postle our own WWA windsurfing member and acoustic guitarist extraodinaire will be playing from this list of songs on the Saturday night at the Lobster Shack, Cervantes.

Please make requests on here or PM me . Otherwise wait to see how you feel on the night

He can even learn new songs at request before the event !!

Mark _australia
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31 Oct 2018 7:39AM
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I think the date might be wrong for the Pogues.... Their DOB maybe?

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31 Oct 2018 7:45AM
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Mark _australia said..
I think the date might be wrong for the Pogues.... Their DOB maybe?

Try Wikipedia for original song date

"Dirty Old Town" is a song written by Ewan MacColl in 1949 that was made popular by the Dubliners and has been recorded by many others.

The Pogues, on their 1985 second album, Rum, Sodomy and the Lash and was later included at the end of the Rescue Me series finale.

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31 Oct 2018 5:15PM
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2nd Wind Sailboards and RRD have donated a RRD Firestorm board for a random prize to all entrants.



Originally designed and trimmed to combine early planning, speed, control and easy jibing, the new Firestorm V4 line has been completely re-considered not only in terms of shape and details, but mainly for its program of use.

During the last 48 months since the first introduction of the Firestorm V1 Line, we have consistently kept on shaping new prototypes trying to improve the magic mix of the existing boards. But we could only improve one or two parameters, better upwind or better jibing while keeping the same top speed, but then either early planing or manouverability was being sacrificed.

48 months of development, over 25 prototype boards and over 300 hours of testing time in the water have not managed to improve the magic mix of the V1 and V2 Firestorm shapes.

Then we have started to re-consider the program of use and we have understood that when you choose a new board around the program of "fast freeriding" the most important parameter is SPEED. So the whole concept of creating a 30% faster board whilst keeping early planing and control have given life to a completely new line of Firestorm boards: the VERSION 4.

See RRD website for more details @

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31 Oct 2018 5:30PM
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Pinnacles Edge Resort 1 NIGHT STAY to be raffled off for the event

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5 Nov 2018 7:24AM
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Our new racing division for all those who want to race but don't have slalom gear or think the forecast is too much for them to battle it out on the slalom equipment! Slalom sailors can be equal to all the wave sailors who want to test their metal on similar gear around a fun long course!

This is a separate division to Open, Youth, Masters , Grand Masters etc. We can change from these divisions on the day if you enter early and the wind kicks in like Cervantes is famous for!


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