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Pryde batten ends

Created by Chook2 > 9 months ago, 9 Jun 2018
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9 Jun 2018 9:23AM
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I used my last spare I had on hand yesterday.
They do get a hard time, as I'm constantly adjusting the downhaul on these sails on my land yachts while sailing.
Just need to know where can I buy some more thanks. (6 holes then they fit the 4 as well)

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9 Jun 2018 12:07PM
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Have you tried reg at wsp.
prob your best bet.

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23 Jun 2018 8:30AM
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If WSP does not have them try windsurfnsnow in NSW.
Pryde direct

Brett Morris
NSW, 1140 posts
26 Jun 2018 9:51AM
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These are defective parts...I thought NP stopped supplying them years ago....I thought they were well and truly gone and not supplied anymore? Such a massive pain in the Arse then they break....Takes ages to put new ones on!!!!


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"Pryde batten ends" started by Chook2