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Rocko to Freo Dash 2018

Created by premo 4 months ago, 3 Dec 2018
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3 Dec 2018 1:42PM
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The Cruising Yacht Club of W.A. Inc to Fremantle Sailing Club Downwinder Dash was an epic race sailed in some fantastic conditions with 20knots of Freo Doctor:-)

We had 16 Windsurfers register to race with about 14 finishing the race.

The fastest was Darryl Griffiths flying down the 40 km course on his Foilboard and 7,0 sail in 47min followed closely by Jesper Orth on slalom gear (also 7,0 ) 48min, Shane O Neil on third and Claude LeCoq in 4th position.

Over 40 vessels on the water included Lasers, Musto Skiffs , Kites and FoilKites and us Windsurfers.

Overall it was a great race on a challenging distance sailed in a good breeze!

Looking forward to doing it again next year and hopefully windsurfer fleet can be even larger!

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3 Dec 2018 2:25PM
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Any idea how the other classes went and the time of the overall winner?

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3 Dec 2018 3:21PM
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Quickest were the foiling Kites - First over the line in about 30 min.
Foiling Windsurfers next 47 min
Then Standard Kites.
Not sure about the rest


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