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false summer ???

Created by Gerowaterboy > 9 months ago, 23 Aug 2017
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23 Aug 2017 7:01PM
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5 windsurfs in 6 days, between 5.9 and over powered 5m today. Are we in a false start to the season or is this it ?

SA, 3495 posts
23 Aug 2017 9:17PM
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Easterly to 20kt seabreeze today at safety bay.
Shhh but I think there's more coming.

WA, 378 posts
23 Aug 2017 8:46PM
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We used to say the season didn't begin until the months ended in "ber". Be patient grasshopper.

Mark _australia
WA, 19217 posts
23 Aug 2017 8:47PM
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Always get the cold front in last week of Sept for the equinox. So I don't think it is on from now....
However as far a real proper seabreezes are concerned this is the earliest I remember - ever. Now stop trying to jinx us Terry

WA, 12 posts
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24 Aug 2017 8:28AM
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Matt here from Windtech

Neil and I Sailed powered up 7.8 slalom at City Beach yesterday afternoon - 15 - 20 knots southerly (could have gone big wave board / sail combo at Scarbs too)- full power blasting for me.

should be able to do the same again today and tomorrow.

Loving it

Its only temporary but a great fitness start to the season (actually winter has been pretty consistent for sailing too) and with the Northern pilgrimage coming up in September we should be fully conditioned by early October. 4

WA, 145 posts
24 Aug 2017 9:28AM
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I need it to last til the end of next week coz i have holidays.. :D

WA, 142 posts
24 Aug 2017 10:09AM
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From The TSR forecast has decreased since early May 2017 for three reasons: 1.The anticipated development of El Nino has not happened, 2.Early season typhoon activity has not occurred 3.May-June trade wind strength is consisted with a below norm Typhoon season.

Reflex Films
WA, 1358 posts
3 Sep 2017 8:03PM
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15 knot seabreeze at city beach today-REAL nicely powered on 8.6 and Windtech 72- coastal breeze was sweet as- anyone else sail in perth today?

WA, 12 posts
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5 Sep 2017 10:00AM
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There might be a surprise breeze in Perth over the next 2 days (Tuesday and weds)- keep an eye on it - you may be surprised.
The Windtech 72 / 8.6 or 7.8 combo should be a shoo in.

I may even be riding the first flex tail wave board to come out of the Factory if it gets windy enough- probably with a big sail...

WA, 7477 posts
6 Sep 2017 7:31PM
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