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Any beginner axis bsc foils

Created by Qtwind 3 months ago, 30 Nov 2023
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30 Nov 2023 12:54PM
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Hi all.

I know this isn't typically the forum for wanted adds but having no luck through Facebook and its full of scammers as well.
Anyone nz based got a 970 bsc foil and matching rear wing. Looking for something to help my wife with her first few flights. Light weight at 55kgs

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30 Nov 2023 3:23PM
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I think the 890 is as big as she'd need. I'm 80kg and used 890,810,740 bscs.


NSW, 7 posts
1 Dec 2023 12:22PM
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I learnt on a BSC890 and 400P tail, plenty of lift for my 67kgs. Both are for sale but I'm in Oz.

QLD, 6 posts
1 Dec 2023 1:38PM
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I got a BSC 1060 which is for the lighter winds and heavier riders

WA, 59 posts
1 Dec 2023 12:51PM
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I have the bsc970 if set on that foil, but also in Aus (WA)


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"Any beginner axis bsc foils" started by Qtwind