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Fanatic Duotone Board Paint Sucks

Created by TooMuchEpoxy 3 months ago, 26 Nov 2023
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26 Nov 2023 8:05PM
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Man, i got this Fanatic just over a year ago (so its JUST out of waranty). Its a fine enought board. Seems to be holding up structurally, but all the paint is letting go. There goes any resell if i ever want to upgrade.

Wish i'd gone something with a carbon and hotcoat finish (like the appletree) over this marketing department paint job. Just saying - if your counting on reselling ever - maybe skip the fanatic boards.

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27 Nov 2023 3:18AM
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Yep I just need to sneeze & another chip appears. I got mine as they were very popular over here however I don't know if I'd recommend them. I haven't tried any other boards than a froth so can't really compare their performance.

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27 Nov 2023 7:08AM
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I have a Fanatic 105l TE about 1 year old in the for sale section and it is in perfect condition, not a mark on it. I also had the previous light green version and no problems with it.
Sorry to know about your issues however.

Mark _australia
WA, 22064 posts
28 Nov 2023 7:22PM
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Not a fanatic issue
Its a Cobra issue
I have lots of repairs where paint peels off on all different board brands
Whilst not all that common, i think the thing i see most is clear over the paint. Many just obviously haven't had a proper scuff and clean of the colour first and clear adhesion is crap.

Carbon/hotcoat won't necessarily save you as its too hard and thus expensive to sand it perfect so after bagging its pretty flat and gets a cheater clearcoat same as most surfboards ...... cuts the labour down. But its been handled and needs a proper clean first so .....


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