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New idea, foil trade in program?

Created by Goofcat 2 months ago, 3 Dec 2023
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3 Dec 2023 1:22PM
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4 years in the sport and like many, racking up foil wings like they are going out of style. I think it might be smart for some of the bigger brands to offer a trade-in as a way to reward loyal early customers. New Armstrong MA & HA, how about a few hundred for the older MA and HA? New Naish don't fit with older stuff? How about some store credit?

What do you guys thinK?

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4 Dec 2023 1:59AM
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Nice idea but I can't see brands offering this, all my used kit sells well for fair amounts of cash but i don't keep hold of stuff for longer than a year (apart from my f1 eagles).

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4 Dec 2023 7:20AM
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If you have a sizeable local group a Foil Library could be a good way to split costs on new gear and also provide a range of foils, masts, tails for learners to start and then progress.

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4 Dec 2023 5:12AM
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AFS is the only company I know of that has an active programme.. but they do it only for return shipments from within France. Maybe they'll start to do it for other regions later on e.g. EU. Once again a smart passionate player in the foil biz.

A year or so ago during black week (or something similar) Sabfoil ran a programme for discount on the kraken mast if you shipped the old one back.

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5 Dec 2023 5:59PM
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Ask your local store about trades. If you bought the gear from them they might well trade it in. I know we do. Sam


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