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PPC M1 wing

Created by halfwaythere 5 months ago, 30 Sep 2023
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30 Sep 2023 2:05AM
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Anyone tried one of the M1's? Handles on the M1 look better than the Dynamo.
Any info on the canopy material. Not many details on the website.

Looks similar to the Dynamo wing out of Maui. I rode the Dynamo once and loved it. So light and flys so easily through the wind window on tacks.

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30 Sep 2023 2:24AM
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The published weights are very heavy. Weight certainly isnt the end-all-be-all, but it is notable here. The 5m is 3kg, which is 1.2 kg heavier than a 5m OR glide and even more than a 7m CWC (which is NOT a light wing at 2.7 kg). The 3m is 2.6 kg, which is a bit heavier than a 4m Takoon wing with very conventional construction.

PPC seems to be taking the approach of using premium materials for stiffness (at the expense of weight), when other manufacturers are using the materials for both stiffness and weight savings.

Why not just get the Dynamo? I just got notified that they have a new shipment coming.

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30 Sep 2023 3:46AM
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While other manufactures seem to have gone for a lot more visible features, the Dynamo looks very Gen 1 with its simplicity. I'm glad PPC have finally gone with hard handles. My only grip about an otherwise excellent wing is the front handle of the V2 PPCs are too far away from the leading edge glad to see they've rectified this

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30 Sep 2023 4:16AM
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Velociraptor, I'm on the email list for Dynamo as well and was about to pull the trigger on one except I tried 2 wings that had hard handles and I really liked them. I currently use F One Strikes and bought an Armstrong XPS 4m which has has hard handles. I didn't expect to like them but love them. Then I tried a Core Halo which has a boom and it was amazing! Also tried a Dynamo. So the PPC M1 seemed liked a good combo of them all expect the boom. What is the world without having to make trade-offs, eh?!

My ideal wing would be a combo of the Halo and Dynamo which I thought the PPC M1 would get close too. But I hadn't noticed the weight until you mentioned it. Love these forums for catching stuff I overlook!

The XPS is good enough for now but a Dynamo with a boom or even a long front handle like the new Dutone Unit, mmm hmmm, that would be awesome!

Still deciding on the Dynamo vs Halo and trade offs. Season is winding down here so may wait unit next to pull the trigger. It's nearly surf and prone season so my wing stuff sit in the garage until the infrequent winter storms come.

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10 Oct 2023 9:15AM
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I had a short demo of a 4m M1 in coastal conditions recently. I'm 80kg , have been winging since the first wings came out a few years back. Wind was mid 20kts on average, gusting to around 30ish.

My requirements are pretty simple - I mainly want to ride swell. The wing needs to go upwind very well ( I sail with a harness) , with good balance between the hands and no funkiness / backwinding at the top end. Then it needs to flag out stably, with no rocking around.

The M1 felt grunty , but given it was near or at the top of its range it was very controllable . Impressively so tbh. Was forward-pulling which I love , and didn't get back handy or buck around. It flags out very well , both off the luffing handle and also when pistol gripping the front rigid handle which works super well. It felt very light in the hands while flagged out, but very solid overall. I would usually have been on a 3.5 in those conditions.

Personally I think looking at the static weight of the wing is a bit misleading - it's more about the dynamic weight ie how does it feel when flying . I know PPC have made the choice to use a stronger / heavier canopy material and amen to that. When using new high pressure inflatable structures I reckon the canopies need to be upgraded to match - Duotone,North and F One have all done the same thing, having learned some lessons over the past couple of seasons. Having used the first gen wings they were all pretty light - and they taco'd, fluttered and bagged out like crazy ! And had pretty poor wind ranges. If the manufacturers have to beef up the new gen wings to make them last longer and have extended wind ranges that is definitely progress in my book !! I'm looking forward to having a longer demo of the M1 over the next few days in different conditions and will report back once I've done so, but it seemed pretty damn good to me when I tried it.

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13 Oct 2023 6:37AM
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Thank you for a very balanced review and comments. Looking forward to hearing more of how you found the M1

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13 Nov 2023 1:37AM
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Hi all I have 4-5-6m PPC M1's. I'm 67yrs 112kgs hopefully dropping with more winging on Kalama E3 & Gofoil various foils.Mainly swell and waves.First used the 4m in 18-25kts had very similar findings as Mikesids.Loved the super stiff air frame and canopy tension.Excellent feedback to rider.Handles very good.Great to flag out even on the very front of the front handle when needing a touch more glide.Very controlled and stable on front flag out handle.Don't notice any extra weight when flying.Used the 5m in 12-17kts same as 4m with extra grunt and comfortable controlled feedback.Used the 6m M1 once so far in probably to light conditions,8-12kts with my 112kgs was underdone.So not ideal conditions.DW board would have worked way better.
Have 2022-23 Dlabs and loved the Aluula airframes.M1 is as good and even better in certain areas.
Found with the more rigid airframe on both the Dlabs & M1 that pumping needs to be more precise in light to moderate wind strength but that could mainly be wind strength and my technique which probably isn't fantastic.Up wind angles hooked in are impressive.
12psi on the 6m takes extra pumping up with the large Psi pump needed not a big deal.Two pump valves one one the strut and one on the leading edge with Fone style valves which seem very good and sit flush then Velcro cover over very neat.M1 are quality with the extra price hike nearly on par with the DLabs.All in all very impressive so far ,hopefully they last longer than previous leading edge & canopy materials.Time will tell.Well done PPC.

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19 Nov 2023 4:41AM
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I have a 4m and 6m M1 to replace a quiver of 4.2, 5.5 and 7m wings, and so far so good. I'm 68 and 100kg and have been winging since the start. I've used the 6m in winds from 12 to 20 knots and the 4 in 17 to 25.
I really like the quality of finish, rigid frame, handles and windows. I don't mind the lack of a one pump system and if there was something i dont like it is the stability of the wing while carrying to and from the water. I am however learning to cope with that. I did also find that the provided leash is way too short.
Coming from wings with a softer frame i did experience some difficulties pumping up, particularly in the lighter winds. My timing was really off. 2 experienced friends tried them and while 1 got on foil immediately, the other really struggled. I've found that it's a couple of very shallow pumps for speed and then hold the wing up high to let its efficiency lift me up on the foil. The rigid frame and its direct pull is amazing. It seems that any gusts are transferd straight through to the foil with instant acceleration and I do really like how quiet the wing is. Dragging wing tips poses no problem at all and this may be aided by the direct control the rigid handles offer.
As for increased weight, it is noticeable, but mostly just when gybing in light wind. Coming out of a gybe I've felt that I have no wind in the sail and not enough to power away, however I've found that's never been the case and appears to be just the efficiency of the wing. In all other use the extra weight isn't noticeable at all.
While I have mostly used the 5.5m in my last quiver I can see that 4m M1 is going to get alot of use. Well done PPC from me as well.

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21 Nov 2023 3:09PM
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