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Smik wrist leash

Created by Seajuice 3 months ago, 23 Nov 2023
NSW, 907 posts
23 Nov 2023 4:54PM
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Love my Smik 4 meter Wing in 20 plus knots.
But thinking of changing its wrist leash because the outer sheath annoyingly sticks & tears on velcroe.
Not sure what the core is made of. And will it be strong enough when the outer sheath tears away.
Already looking worse for wear.

QLD, 1219 posts
23 Nov 2023 6:21PM
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Work out which bit of hook Velcro is catching it. Once found, use a soldering iron to melt the section of hook Velcro, it's not being used anyway, or cover that section with silastic.

317 posts
25 Nov 2023 12:16PM
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The Ozone leashes are very good imo

TAS, 7178 posts
25 Nov 2023 5:52PM
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I ride Smik they are an awesome wing. Leash not so. Used to use a coiled leash then swapped to anchorman.


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"Smik wrist leash" started by Seajuice