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Very old gear review - Ozone Wasp v1

Created by RAF142134 3 months ago, 21 Nov 2023
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21 Nov 2023 7:14AM
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This is an old gear review, it's so far behind the curve but I guess I just wanted to say thanks to Ozone
I picked up an old Wasp v1. Well right back when I started foiling everyone was talking about how easy it was to jybe with a small wing so I got a Wasp 4.0 and just hated it. Partly because where I wing the wind is extremely gusty going from 4m/s to 17m/s in the same session. Being on a small board with a small wing in almost no wind and pumping like a madman to get back to shore just didn't work.

Fast forward and I picked up a v1 6.0. Well it's becoming my favourite wing. Here's why. It's light, very well constructed, well sown. All the stitching appears to be excellent. The reinforcements on the sides of the leading edge are good. The canopy is reinforced at the trailing edge. The center strut is reinforced and the wing is stiff.
Recommened pressure is 7psi with an 8max but even at 6psi the wing remains very stiff - so I feel the center strut to leading edge attachment is a very good mechanical design. The tip are very narrow and the bladders are held in place with tiny tabs - really really good, no bladder material popping out the tips and with the cone shape it keeps the tip protected.

I still find the wing a little twitchy. The canopy is taught and doesn't bow out like most other wings. Some wings bow out like a stunt kite, that 'm' shape, but the Wasp is taught and with the center strut right up to top of the canopy the top of the leading edge is very firm.
The leash is good and the bag does its job. The manual however is absolutely brilliant - if you are a beginner I highly recommend consulting the Ozone wing manuals online - a hive of useful information.
The tips like to stick to water a bit when stink bugging, also made a tad difficult by the taught canopy which is hard to snuckle under, however the wing span is pretty small for the wing size.
When its light the wing pumps and has low end, when its blowing hard the wing really has top end power and is very very controllable once you realise you don't need to move much to get in or out of the power band. The wing is one of the easiest to jybe that I've had, very nice.
I really like the very small one pump valve parts and the straight one pump hose, I don't like the floppy handles at all but once powered up they aren't as bad.
Thanks Ozone for making fabulous wings - thumbs up!


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