Kalgoorlie Rain Radar - 128km

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About Kalgoorlie Radar

The Kalgoorlie-Boulder radar has good coverage in all directions except for some partial beam blockage to the east and north east (60?, 79?, and 93?) of the radar. There are echoes from the hills that are within 40 km of the radar, and these show up as areas of persistent radar echoes with very low Doppler velocity. Interference from a radio transmitter to the south west of the radar at a bearing of 240? causes a narrow beam of clutter in that direction on Doppler velocity. The radar is able to detect severe thunderstorms at far range in the summer months due to the height of the storms, but showers (which are usually very shallow) are not detected reliably at far range. In the Winter months, general rain areas can be detected, these can cover a great area and generally move from the northwest.