Condom Fishing: All The Rage in Cuba

When funds are low, and free time is plentiful, anglers come up with some funny ways to catch more fish!

Over in Cuba it's not easy to afford a boat, fuel and fishing tackle to spend a day on the water, but fishing from the overcrowded rocks or the jetties won't produce a catch that will feed the family. What's an angler to do?

Tie some blown up condoms to their fishing line!

Part Kite-fishing, part elaborate bobber, this technique allows anglers to use the wind to their advantage. Tying a length of fishing line to the condoms, with a sinker, hook and bait on the end; they then let the wind blow the rig out to sea into deeper water. Deeper water means bigger fish, and bigger fish feed more people!

It's illegal to sell fish without a license in Cuba, but when the average weekly wage is around $30, and fish prices sit around $2 a kilo, it doesn't take a huge catch to make the week/month/year worthwhile! Who could blame these guys for selling them off!