Bertish is about to catch one final runner to the beach...

After 83 days at sea, Stand Up Paddler and inspiration to millions, Chris Bertish knows that he's going to make it.

There's less than 400 nm to go, and in less than a week we'll be talking about the greatet accomplishment in stand up paddling history. One man will have paddled across the Atlantic Ocean, completely unassisted, on a stand up paddle board.

In his latest Captains log, Chris expresses his amazement and gratitude to the world leaders and adventurers who have reached out to him at sea. He tells of another mysterious bump in the middle of the night, from a sharky friend, and reels in another paddling team which set out a week before he did and 240nm ahead.

"As I have had the tail end of bad low-pressure system heading north hit me and I've been forced to be on sea anchor the last 30hours and I'm going backward at almost 1mile an hour in the wrong direction! Awesome!" Exclaims Bertish in his latest log.

Not… I have serious cabin fever, especially as my cabin is 2'4" by 5'10ft…need to get outta here tomorrow no matter what, either way, I'm paddling. Even if it's the wrong direction! Change the actions to change the results"

Turns out, if he didn't paddle the next day, he might have missed the next waypoint, sending him further south than he wanted to be, and slowing down the trip by days. Not ideal when you're running low on rations!

Running low on rations is a good thing in some ways; with a lighter board he's managaing to surf some waves now, clocking up a speed of over 7 knots on a runner this week during a storm. That's hooking along for a SUP!

He's due to arrive on land in Antigua on the 8th or 9th of March with current conditions, when he does, you'll hear about it - that's for sure! In the meantime, follow along with Chris Bertish and his record breaking attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean by SUP.