The right food for Stand Up Paddling...

When we think of protein supplements our minds instinctively go to body builders, gym junkies and that confident shirtless guy walking along the beach. But in truth, all athletes need this essential nutrient to keep our bodies healthy and energised, especially if you’re training on the water.

Watermans Nutrition is a completely unique supplement and protein company, aimed at improving the performance of any athlete based around the water, from K1 paddlers on a lake to outrigger and stand up paddlers crossing the Molokai Channel in Hawaii.

Developed by former professional triathlete and Sunshine Coast paddler Rhys Davies, Watermans Nutrition aims to provide water-based athletes with the right supplements and nutrition they have been missing out on.

“As paddler, I was always looking for a supplements and nutrition that was aimed towards the training and racing that we do, but nothing existed” Rhys said.

“I wanted supplements that would provide energy during a race and training, as well as something to help my body recover quickly, so I could train just as hard the next day.”

The Watermans Nutrition website launched on Friday and invites paddlers to jump on and learn about the products available before placing an order.  Visit to find out more.

Or call Rhys Davies on 
0438 150 782




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