Cheeky Racoon Tries to Steal Stand Up Paddlers Lunch

While this guy seems cute and cuddly at first, Racoons can be pretty nasty when they want something. In this case, he wanted this chicks lunch off her stand up paddle board!

Strapping your lunch and clothes inside a waterproof bag on the front of your stand up paddle board seems like a pretty safe place to keep it right? Who could possibly take it while you yourself are sitting cross legged on the board?

This cheeky little raccoon. That's who!

Janna Breslin, was out paddling on a tour of the Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida last week, when they stopped to film a curious looking Racoon. He was wading around in the crustal clear shallows, jumping on their SUPs and wandering around. Harmless enough, but when he got a whiff of the food inside Janna's bag - it was on!

A little bonk with the paddle, and he let go, swimming back to the beach. But it's pretty funny to watch her squirm as he makes a break for her lunch.