Do You Need Footstraps On Your SUP?

Are those footstraps? You bet!
If anyone knows the benefit of a set of footstraps, it's Laird Hamilton. He's been going toe-to-toe with boards for years, from big wave guns fitted with footstraps to avoid being bucked off, to hucking pushloops out the back of Hookipa on his sailboard. He's even been known to hook into a kiteboard from time to time.

So when this video emerged this week of Laird foiling around on some fun little waves with a Starboard and GoFoil. Nobody cared about the fact he was foiling. That's last seasons news! What was interesting, was the fact he's fitted footstraps to the board!

Are they for control? To keep the board from drifting down the lineup when he wipes out? (yes, even Laird wipes out on a foil). Perhaps they're so he can use the board for kiting too?

One thing's for sure - Laird sure knows how to surf on a foil!