Fun SUPping in Miserable Conditions with Jackson Close.

It doesn't have to be 6 foot and glassy for you to enjoy a session, and you don't even need to have a paddle in your hand to have a great day out at the beach with the family!

Aussie SUP legend Jackson Close proves just that point in his latest video about a miserable day at the beach which turned out to be exceptional. The waves are knee high. It's choppy. The sky is overcast and it's pretty crowded. He doesn't mind though, messing around with some fun little SUP tricks like handing 5, maybe even 10, and snapping some pretty impressive cutbacks on such a big board.

The kids are stoked on the beach, mum's giving them a good run-around and you can bet that at the end of this day, there were smiles from everyone in the family.

Check it out below!