Genius Idea! Kids Handlebars for SUP

Got a SUP? Got Kids? Got an old scooter? How about a hacksaw. These four things are all that's required to make this awesome little add-on to your SUP board, perfect for keeping kids up on the nose, and seeing everything you do.

Any mum knows that giving a child something to hold is a sure-fire way to keep them in one spot (at least for a minute). Be it the pram, your hand, the handlebars of the shopping trolley or otherwise, they can't go far if they're holding on to something. Of course when you're on a stand up paddle board there's not many places to go (except, off the stand up paddle board). But imagine if your kids could stand up on the nose of your board, just like you do!

Mike and Lisa from Kite Thrills on the Sunshine Coast found a way to do just that, by taking a hacksaw to an old Razor Scooter and bolting it through the nose of a foamy SUP. Perhaps not ideal if you own a carbon race machine, but a perfect use for that old board you learned to sup on yourself. The bolt can be epoxied up so it's watertight, and the handle can be unscrewed for transport.

As for a how-to. Well, take a hacksaw, use your imagination and viola. Your kids can stand up too. Check it out!