Half Way Across the Atlantic by SUP - Chris Bertish

Every endurance paddler knows the psychological effects that passing the half way mark have on the body. You get a little boost, paddle a little harder. You're on the home stretch now!!

Chris Bertish has been paddling for 51 days to reach that point, but finally, remarkably, he has paddled half way across the Atlantic Ocean on a stand up paddle board. Back in early December, Chris set off from Morocco towards the Canary Island, 16 days in he broke the previous distance record by stand up paddle board and every since he's been stretching the record in both time and distance. He's also padded two rowers completing similar journeys, both of which started an whole WEEK ahead! Obviously in great spirits with such a win, Chris published a new 'Captains Log' describing what it's like to be out there. "There's magic out here, an energy and pulse of the ocean, which is immense and runs deep! Where else would you want to be on the planet, right here, right now, when you have all this? The answer I found immediately within...Right here, right now, absorbed and immersed completely, in this very moment!"

Paddling a custom built board called the 'ImpiFish', Chris has put it to the test already, suffering several capsizes. Housing all his provisions and equipment, turning the board upside down obviously makes a bit of a mess, but on the bright side - as he eats more food and drinks more fresh water, that mammoth board is getting lighter and lighter.

Now he's reached the trade wind belt, Chris is well and truly on the home stretch now. Just 40 days to go according to estimates, before he steps off onto the beach in Antigua. Follow along with his incredible journey on his website here , and look out for updates here on Seabreeze.com.au