Highlights from the 12 Towers Downwinder.

Could conditions be any more perfect for 200 paddlers to race downwind?
In previous years the 12 Towers has been smashed by storms, stuck in the doldrums and rained out. But in 2017, the Gold Coast put on a picture perfect performance for paddlers competing in the iconic downwind race.

World number 4, Jake Jensen won the event, completing the 14km downwinder past 12 of the Gold Coasts iconic surf towers in just over an hour. He was paddling on one of his new boards too, made from new company 'One'. Titouan Puyo, Michael Booth and Beau O'Brian placed in second to fourth respectively, but ever single paddler in the race was totally stoked on the vibe and conditions. That's really saying something considering there was 200 entrants, making this event one of the biggest in Australia (almost taking the record). Just check out the forum thread here on Seabreeze.com.au to read some of the comments from the racers!

In the girls fleet, Karla Gilbert proved that she's the queen of the Gold Coast, taking her fifth straight win at the event. She was backed up by another paddler on a One, Kate Baker; and Belinda Stowell Brett in third. Keep an eye out in the vid for young Noic Garioud from New Caledonia. At only 14 years old, he was waaaaaay up in the fleet, and will prove to be hard to beat in the next couple of years.

As the QLD downwinder season begins to wind down, paddlers are beginning to head over seas for the Stand Up World Tour events, but they'll be back next summer for sure. Conditions like these are too good to pass up!