How To Prepare For Your First Time Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

If you have decided to try this weird sport called stand up paddle boarding but don't quite know how to start, then read on - Dylan from Surf Mania in Rockingham shares some tips on how to get the most out of your first time on the water!

Tip 1) Look At The Weather!

Paddle Boarding can be quite difficult with a strong wind, especially for beginners. Your body can easily act like a sail and blow you well off course if you are not careful. Make sure you look at a weather forecast before you book/plan your first time. A good tip is to go early in the morning or find a bay protected from the wind. Additionally, being a water sport, a nice sunny day will be sure to increase your enjoyment!

Tip 2) Wear and Pack The Right Gear!

Below is a short list of what to bring so you won't show up unprepared: -Sunscreen and Hat: Sun Protection is no joke so take it seriously. -Water: Hydration is very important, paddle boarding takes a lot of effort. -Suitable Clothing: Make sure what you are wearing can get wet! No thick clothes or jeans. -Waterproof Watch: Most hire places will give you an allotted hire time, it is easy to lose track of how long you have been in the water but a watch can solve that problem! -Waterproof Camera: An excellent idea to take some photos and video of your time so you can share with your friends and family.

Tip 3) Learn The Basics Before You Go!

While paddle boarding does look simple, there can be a steep learning curve for beginners. Just balancing on the board and paddling in a straight line can be extremely difficult if you don't know what you are doing. Reading some beginner tips like those in this article will drastically improve your experience as you will spend more time on your paddle board and less time in the water!

Tip 4) Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew!

All the effort of balancing and paddling can put a real drain on the body, especially for beginners who have not quite mastered the basics. A typical casual paced paddle can have you burning over twice the calories of a moderately paced walk. Keeping this in mind, don't fork up the money for a two hour or longer hire unless you are confident your fitness levels will allow you to last that long. A good tip is to pay for a shorter duration hire, maybe an hour, and then try and extend it if you are still going strong at the end. Most hire places will be more than happy to say yes!

Tip 5) Find A Hire Place Near You!

The final step is to find somewhere to go paddle boarding! There are now plenty of places where you can hire a paddle board for a small fee ($20 - $30 for 1 hour). Or, look for your local club right here in the Stand Up Paddling Forums.

Happy Paddle Boarding!