How to Change Your Bikini in Public - Without a Towel!

No change rooms in sight - but you've gotta do the switcheroo... How to?
Bless Huey (and local councils) for change rooms and showers at the beach. But alas, every surfer chick is going to be faced with an unfortunate dilemma at some point in their surfing career. The good ol' switcheroo from the pretty bikini, to the functional one.

And you forgot your towel!

So how do you do it without flashing the world? Editor from Kite Sista Magazine Sofi Chevalier is an expert after spending her days doubling as a bikini model, and it's simple once you've seen it for yourself. Apparently this even works for the swap from bikini to undies at the end of a session too, but we'll leave that for you to try at home.