New Boards for the Unstoppable Toby Cracknell - Infinity

Profession Lifeguard from Avoca Beach, and 'dark horse' turned podium finisher at some of the worlds biggest races. Toby Cracknell is launching into the 2017 season for real this time. More races, better results and a brand new set of boards under his feet.

"I want to be lot more consistent, and I want to be at the biggest races that everyone's going to like Caronia Cup, The Gorge, Molokai, PPG and beat those races. Be on the top 5 or on the podium."

Signing with Infinity this week, Toby has identified his weaknesses in previously years and made the changes necessary to win. With the new boards, financial backing and motivation that comes with a new sponsor. Dark Horse no longer, he's going to be one Australia's leading paddlers in 2017.

Hear what Toby Cracknell has to say about it all in his welcome to the team video below…