One Persons Rubbish is another Woman's Bikini!

There's got to be at least a couple of dirty nappies and dead animals in there.
Plastic pollution is a seriously big deal. And this girl who was once the star of an American TV show, is spreading awareness through the sport of stand up paddleboarding and surfing.

Alison might have been the star of a cheesy American Reality TV show once, but now she's calling herself a Female Version of Indiana Jones. No, she's not swinging through warehouses and driving jeeps, she's stand up paddling and surfing around the world, on a quest to clean up Earths oceans.

The pic above highlights just how bad the problem is. Doesn't it just make your toes cringe? All that plastic waste just floating around in harbours, beaches, to deserted tropical islands…

What's an ex TV-show star with National Geographic photographer parents going to do about it? Make a neat little series on the internet, with some spectacular footage and Bindi Irwin style narration.