Record Breaking SUP Crossing Begins!

When we first reported on the incredible Transatlantic crossing of Chris Bertish, he was wishing he could leave immediately. A few months later and the time has come, he's padding right now, and will be for the next four months.

"I'm really excited and looking forward to leaving, as this has been a 4-year project in the making and lifetime of preparation and I'm ready." Explained Bertish the night before departing. "My specialized SUP craft is incredible, I have an amazing team behind me, supporting me from land and an unbelievable support from friends and people all around the world for this incredible journey, which is going to change the lives of millions of children in Africa, which is what will keep driving and inspiring me right till the end."

Setting off from the Coast of Morocco, a place called Agadir hosted a low-key farewell yesterday morning, as Chris padded offshore. He won't set foot on dry land for another 4 months if everything goes to plan, and when he does, it will be in Florida. The 20ft board he's paddling has been custom made specifically for this journey, with water ballast tanks to enhance stability in rough conditions, small sleeping quarters and solar panels to charge his navigation equipment. This board is certainly not your average downwinder!

"At night, I can crawl down into the hull, pull a cover over myself and I'm sealed into the board." Told Bertish, "The board can withstand storms at sea, it won't be comfortable but it will keep me dry and safe through anything I'll run into out there."

You can follow along with Chris Bertish on his record breaking journey across the Atlantic, by visiting his website