SUP Polo coming to Terrigal Lakes - Try it out!

The sport of SUP Polo has been flirting with success since the sport began, starting with tennis balls and ending in Starboard manufacturing inflatable arena's. Finally, it's come to Australia in a big way, and you can try it out at Terrigal Lakes next weekend as part of ESS's SUP Polo and demo day.

Details of the event are over on the events pages, but if you're wondering how SUP Polo works, here's the run down.

You've seen a game of water polo right? Teams play to throw a ball into the other teams goal. Water polo players use their hands, and swim around the pool. SUP Polo players do the same thing, except instead of their feet, they get around on inflatable boards. Instead of their hands, they use specialised paddles!

Coloured red and blue for different teams, you won't find anything remotely close to carbon fiber in the sport of SUP Polo. Each paddle has a giant hole in the blade, which forms two functions. The first and most important, is to hold the ball. Players can pick up the ball with their paddle and fling it across the pool/area with relative ease - although it quite often results in a splash! The second reason, is to stop paddlers from going too fast! With such a confined space to paddle in, SUP Polo players need to position themselves strategically and wait for someone to pass the ball. The only racing involved is when someone misses a pass!

Ask your local store about a game of SUP Polo next time you drop in, or if you happen to be between Port Macquarie and Sydney next weekend, head for Terrigal Lake and give it a try!