SUP Surfing Lizard Island with a Couple of Monkeys.

Modern SUP surfing isn't all about sub 10ft shapes and high performance. There's still a place for a good old fashioned 10'ft SUP on a long right hander. Slow carves, a lil' bit of nose-riding and the occasional snappy cutback in the whitewash are all well within the realms of a well shaped board.

Put them in the hands of Jackson Close, and Dogman - and you have yourself a great session, even if they're acting a lot like a pair of monkeys. Back in 1770, Captain Cook landed on Lizard Island, climbing the summit to chart a course through the reef. Writing in his journal; "The only land Animals we saw here were Lizards, and these seem'd to be pretty plenty, which occasioned my naming the Island Lizard Island." Fitting, and well founded considering the footage Dan O'Sullivan has just put together of the pair surfing on Lizard island this week, when an uncharacteristic swell rolled through what is now a resort island.

Being so far North on the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard has been known as an epic surf spot for years, but only the locals really know when it's firing. For the wind to be calm and the swell to be up, it's pretty rare. Even rarer to be planning a trip at the same time! These two scored, and if anyone can translate 'monkey' into English, they're probably telling us just how stoked they were.