Sneaky games and close racing at N1SCO World Champs

All those competitors - one board. That's One Design racing at its best!
It's been hailed as the future of SUP Racing, and after watching the best moments from the 2016 N1SCO Sup World Championships in Jamieson Park, Narrabeen last weekend, you might be inclined to agree.

With a simple concept surrounding a one-design board, the N1SCO concept is gaining traction world wide. Take away the equipment advantages, see the true winner cross the line first. It's how watersports have been done for years, and it's time it happened to SUP.

With a fleet of nearly 100 paddlers, things were both serious and casual as you can see in the clip below. There's a few of the boys playing dirty! All in good fun though, and of course in the serious races it was blood, sweat and tears that got the winner home first. Not their gear!

Check out what one design SUP racing is all about with the Naish N1SCO World Champs.