Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURF exclusive Charters and holidays

Moon Tours, your local Australian owned adventure travel company.

Stand Up Paddle Surfers have had next to no choice when it comes to decent and exclusive SUP Surf holidays and charters. Well, we think that's pretty unfair. So this is for you. Imagine yourself cruising the Maldives on the mini mega yacht, Carpe Diem below, with SUP Surfing only mates.

We understand the needs and wants of SUP Surfers and we know so many want the opportunity to take on some great waves in the most exotic places on the planet. We know SUP Surfers are reluctant to join any kind of surf trip due to the simple of fact, that in nearly every instance, these surf trips cater only for short boarders and if you rock up there with a SUP you'll be met with strong prejudice. Not to mention most surf charters would not even accept a SUP client. Fair enough I guess.

Moon Tours has been running unique adventure travel expeditions for the last six years, from Mexico, Fiji, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Mozambique, numerous other African countries and across Australia. When the Moon Tours team is at home they work full time in their water sports retail business and one of the biggest SUP outlets in the country.

Working in the industry every day we know what SUP Surfers want and the opportunity to travel with like minded people enjoying the same style of surfing fits the bill. We have committed to making this happen and have been working on it for over six months. What we really need now is for SUP Surfers to get behind these surf trips and to the share them around with their mates, even if it's something they may not necessarily be abel to do this year.

"What we really need now is for SUP Surfers to get behind these surf trips"

If we can get these first few SUP Surf expeditions and charters off the ground with bookings then it will put us in good stead to keep them on offer for SUP surfers in the future. Unfortunately with things like this, particularly being a niche market, means that without the support these incredibly unique SUP exclusive surf trips will be dead before getting them off the ground. We hope people get behind it and share the stoke, after all why should you be missing out on epic surf trips because you don't ride the right type of board?

2017 Leave your SUP's at home on all Fiji trips with quality SUNOVA XXX SUP's included. /

June 17 - 26, Fiji all-round SUP trip. Flat water, down winders, waves.

June 30 - July 9 Fiji. Sunova SUP Surf & Wave Kiting with legendary Aussie grom, Beau Blake.

July 12 - 24, Fiji. Exclusive Sunova sponsored dedicated SUP Surf package.

2018 Exclusive SUP Surf boat charters.

March - Papua New Guinea SUP Surf charter. Love adventure, absolutely no crowds, perfect SUP waves, remote and wild places, incredible diving and fishing then this is for you.

April - Maldives luxury SUP Surf charter. Max 10 surfers. Boat sleeps 20, bring the other half or beer drinking non surfing mate.