Sydney SUP Festival - Have a go!

February in Sydney is a magical time of year. The sun is shining and the weather of warm, one look at the location for the Sydney SUP Festival and you might just think you're in heaven. Pittwater is a labyrinth of beautiful beaches and secluded islands, one more famous than Scotland Island, which is the focal point of the popular 6km and Fun 3km races held on the Sunday after the Pittwater Classic.

Saturday's Pittwater Classic is one of the most picturesque races in the country, with the backdrop of the incredible Pittwater and Sydney. Internationally ranked and 10km long, Australia's best are looking to this race for much needed points this season, but that doesn't mean this event is for pro's only!

With an event mantra of 'having a go', there will be more laid back paddling events and beers, BBQ and Pizza to go with the live music from 3pm on Saturday. Then Sunday will play host to the latest and greatest SUP equipment in a SUP Expo from 8am and lessons from 10am. Prizes will rain down on those who participate in Naish's time trials, but not before the Scotland Island race takes paddlers on a cool 3 or 6km track around the beautiful Scottland Island.

Take the kids… And their cousins. Even the in-laws. The Pittwater Classic is one of Sydneys best, and it's on next month!

See the event website for more details, or follow along right here in the Stand Up Paddling forums.