The Best Way to See Your Negihborhoods Xmas Lights

Why drive around the neighborhood, when you can paddle?
Thinking about going for a drive to check out the Christmas lights in your neighborhood this year? Why go for a paddle instead! Canal properties love decorating their pontoons and backyards with lights, so hit the canals with a few of your mates one night in the leadup to Christmas.

When you have kids, checking out the Christmas lights is fun, they're excited, you're excited, it's windows down fun for the low price of two dollars thirty something per litre. When the kids are gone, or haven't arrived yet, driving around looking at Christmas lights seems a little silly, but it's still fun!

So, what better way to see the sights of your neighborhoods Christmas lights, than a cruisey night time paddle around the canals? Get a few mates together, strap on some Santa hats and (not that we would condone such activies) take an egg nog or two in the esky. Finding public access to canals is as easy as scoping out an empty block of land, or a public park on the water; and don't worry about getting in trouble for being there! Canals are like public roads, any man and his dog (usually in an old tinny) can sail/motor down them, so you and your mates paddling past one evening singing 'Ho Ho Ho!' won't be a problem for residents.

Most coastal hubs have at least one new housing estate complete with their own canal labyrinth, so get some mates together and check out the lights, sights and sounds of Christmas on the water.

Tips for organizing a Christmas Lights Paddle -Get together with some mates, or make new friends! Don't go alone, that's boring. Start a post in the Stand up paddling forums with the event details, and invite everyone to come along. The more the merrier! -Bring some glow-sticks, or head torches. You will want to be seen on the water, by both the residents and other waterway users. Besides, you're there to look at lights! -Bring a map, or be extra sure to know your way around. Canal systems can be maze-like at the best of times, so make notes of the memorable houses you pass, or take a phone with you to help you get home.